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ZESPÓŁ SZKÓŁ - UE - The Role of a Researcher broadens my horizons

„Rola badacza horyzonty moje roztacza”
- podsumowanie projektu

We have the honour of presenting you this brochure about the realization of the project ”The Role of a Researcher broadens my horizons” cofunded by the European Union. The aim of this publication is to show the forms and activities of the sudents of our school in this project. We are proud that we could took part in this task and the efects of our work are going to pay dividends i the future.

The Description of The Project
Between September 2008 and July 2009 our school Zespół Szkół im. A. Mickiewicza  in Wręczyca Wielka realizes the project entitled ”The Role of a Researcher broadens my horizons”. The project was created for the students who are interested in matematics and science, foreign languages, enterpreneurship, new informatic technologies and using this knowledge in practice. The classes were realized in the primary school and the lower secondary school through: the English language course “Travel Agency”, “The Little Explorer Club”, “The Young Researcher Club”, “Matematics Inspirations for The Future”, “The Club of Young Enterpreneurs”, “Biology Club-You Can Do It”, “The Team of Young Physicists”, “Matematics in The Architecture Club”, and “The Group of Young Chemists”. The specialised trainers were having their classes based on their own curriculums. During the courses the active methods and forms were used to develop the key competences of the students. The participants of the project were introduced to the independent experimental work, observation and drawing conclusions. They can present the products of their work and handle with difficult situations. They know that their employment at a modern job market depends on their knowledge of matematics, science, languages, and enterpreneurship competences.
Getting the new information and skills on their own gave our participants a lot of joy, enthusiasm, and it helped to develop their spontanuous curiosity of learning. The students could take part in physics demonstrations, they got to know the work of the Mobile Centre of Labour Information, WUP, the work of a job adviser, four companies in our neighbourhood; they made a map of Great Britain and brochures of Wręczyca in English; they took part in a language camp. They visited some interesting places near Złoty Potok; they to know the history of our region during the lesson in the museum and they learnt the rules of designing a housing estate. The participants of the project could use a modern teaching base of our school. The participation in this project gives not only the measurable benefit but it is also our investment in the future, because these young explorers, researchers, linguists, scientists, architects, enterpreuners, biologists, matematicians are going to create this future as the professionals on the highest level.

“The Club of Young Enterpreneurs”
During the classes of “The Club of Young Enterpreneurs” the participants of the project could get some valuable information about choosing their future profession and setting a business in the realities of the present job market; They had the possibility of visiting some enterprises and meeting the staff of The Commune Office, Internal Revenue, Insurance Office, WUP, and a bank. Young people could also develop their skills in the field of communication, evaluating themselves, group work, and handling in stressful situations. The participants made power point presentations about their trips, chosen jobs and portfolios of professions needed at the job market. Young Enterpreneurs got some new experiences that will help them in the future work.

“Matematics in The Architecture Club”
The Maths classes divided into two groups were taking place twice a month and they lasted two hours. The youth from the lower secondary school developed their mathematics information about flat figures and solids and made a lot of spacious constructions. Worked out teaching aids enriched the mathematics classroom. The students made five models of a housing estates using their knowledge in practice. The participants of a project got to know the use of mathematics in the architecture and construction industry. They found out about the work of an architect and could meet the professionals in the field of archicecture. All those tasks will help them to develope their mathematical imagination, and in the future that will help them to work at this fascinating possition.

“Travel Agency”
The English language course ”Travel Agency- The Cultural Journeys Through English-Speaking Countries” consists of workshops that were supposed to arouse the interests of English language and culture of the English-speaking countries. The course gave the opportunity of developing the knowledge of the participants and their practical skills of using the language. Thanks to these classes the students can use English fluently in a field of tourism, geography, and realities studies. During our meetings we got to know   a lot of interesting facts about English-speaking countries, their tourists attractions, and that helped us to create photoalbums, maps, short films, a power point presentation. We prepared popular meals according to English recipes,   a model of a dream island, and some brochures about Wręczyca in English. Thanks to Skype conference we interviewed an inhabitant of London. The summary of the course was  a language camp in Złoty Potok, where the students took part not only in theoretical language classes but also in sport and dance activities, language games, practical language plays, a disco and hikes.

“Interpersonal Communication and Self-Presentation”
All the participants of the project – the children and the youth could take part in the workshops of  interpersonal communication and self-presentation, where they got to know the techniques of handling in difficult and questionable situations, coping with the stress, presenting themselves, willingness for new challenges. The knowledge helped  them to overcome the psychological and personal barriers, and in the future it will be essential in making life decissions and it will motivate them to pursuing thir goals.

“Matematics Inspirations for The Future”
The group of twenty participants took part in the Maths and Informatic Technology classes that the  aim was  to enable them to get matematics skills in practice and to use the computer technology in their every day life.  Thanks to these meetings the students got to know Maths as an interesting discipline that can be your friend. Children liked rebuses, logical puzzles, crosswords and teaching games the most. A very interesting example were origami classes where amazing creatures and constructions were made. Durng the informatic classes the participants prepared power point presentations that are going to be very valuable teaching aids for all the students and they will help to show that Maths is very useful and it is not so difficult.

“The Little Explorer Club”
The meetings of the club were prepared for the youngest children of our school and there were many touristic forms of the classes: trips, rallies, tourists and ecology workshops. The exercises during the classes helped to get the knowledge and skills in a managing and also independent way, thay also aroused in the young tourists getting to know abilities, and thanks to practical activities taught how to behave in new situations. Trips develop in young people the attitude to the world of values, to the society, to another person, themselves, the world of the culture and nature. Getting the knowledge during the trips gives the opportunity of developing varied interests and passions, introduces to rational and cultural organising and spending free time, links the study and life into the learning and teachning postulate.  The Little Explorers took part in the trips to Złoty Potok and Koszęcin, a museum lesson “The Culture of Our Region”, many marches. After each trip children prepared a photo display. They have also made two beautiful maps, a tourist guide, and a model of  legally protected plants. The youngest participants of the project will remember this fascinating adventure for long.

“The Young Researcher Club”
The students participating in the classes of ”The Young Researcher Club’’formed the research group of fifteen people. The classes helped them in individual experimental work, observations and drawing conclusions from the experiments. The joy and enthusiasm of getting knowledge on their own  were very useful in developing participants’ interests.
The presentation and the educational film made by the students about the experiments and the scientific session about the alternative sources of energy are supposed to enrich the matematics and science skills, interest them and gain their attention towards phenomena of the sourrounding world.
In the activities of the club there were not only lab classes, field workshop, IT lab activities, where the students developed their knowledge from Science lessons but also they learnt how use the sources of the nature in a responsible way. At the Jan Długosz Academy classes they got to know the experiments explaining the mechanism of the natural processes according to Physics and Astronomy.
Participants in their work were using a lot of interesting teaching aids, for exmple: the set of alternative sources of energy, the set of examining the electricity, technical scales, lab equipment and chemical reagents.

Biology Club-You Can Do It”In the “
Biology Club-You Can Do It” the students could develop their interests about the nature and ecology. They carried out the experiments on plants. They were working individually and in groups. They were doing the tasks following the instructions prepared by the teacher. They were making observations and writing down their results, formulating the research problems, advancing hypothesis and drawing conclusions. They were making some basic nurturings of plants. They watched educational films and made microscope preparations. They were using microscopes and other teaching aids. The participants of the club took part in the classes in the greenhouse in Gliwice, where they got to know flora and fauna from the different climatic zones and the adaptations of exotic species. They met the staff of the Educational Centre of Landscape Parks of Silesia District in Kalina. They took part in field workshops at the scientific and educational paths and in practical exercises prepared by the specialists in a field of the botany and zoology.

“Team of Young Physicists”
Young Physicists worked in a research group consisting of fifteen people, where they got to know how to put some complicated physic laws into practice. During the experiments the teching aids, that thanks to the European Union enriched our Physic Lab, were indispensable. The participants of the project took part in the workshops organised by the teaching staff of Jan Długosz Academy in Częstochowa and Opole University. At the classes students learnt the biographies and achievements of  Polish and foreign physicists. They were doing experiments and the models of instruments. They took part in fascinating physics demonstrations that presented the use of physics in the every day life. Thanks to these classes the youth developed their interests of this difficult but also very interesting discipline.

“The Group of Young Chemists”
The students who took part in the classes of “The Group of Young Chemists” which was the part of the project ”The Role of a Researcher broadens my horizons” in the school year 2008/2009 created a fifteen people research team. The curriculum of these classes was made in a way that gives the youth the opportunity of the contact with the environment, its problems with deterioretion and protection, and the experiments were a very important part of the scientific experience.
In the club activities there were not only lab classes and field workshops but also the lessons in the IT lab where the students were developing their knowledge from Biology and Chemistry lessons and moulding their attitude towards the the responsibility for the present and future environmental protection. The participants were using some interesting teaching aids, for example: a tool for testing the soil, a simulator of the circulation of water in the environment, and a set used for checking the egsistence of the ions in the water.
The summary of the classes was preparing a debate entitled “The Pollution of The Air, Water, and Soil” where there were also some students from the other classes. All this knowledge and skills will give profit at the next stages of education.

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